A spark of electricity passed
between us and you recoiled –
pulling back from me
as if that shock were a bolt
of lightning and you were out in the storm
with a key on a kite string.

Can I be blamed for wanting
your heart to beat a little faster for me –
to give the energy between us a life
so that you had to notice it?
(Instead of always looking the other way).

I was tired of giving you the choice
but that little jolt was too much for you –
you said you were unprepared for a storm:
No boots, no hat, and it was
to try and find them so late in the game.

Since then the clouds have always
been on the horizon. While I know better
than to invite bad weather I know it’s only
a matter of time before the clouds roll in.

(maybe this time we can endure it together)

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